How do Shoebuy and CSN benefit from e-commerce media? Find out at!

Want to learn how companies like Overstock, CSN, and profit from every visit to their site – regardless of whether their shoppers convert? Visit HookLogic at booth 414!

At, we’re giving attendees three opportunities to learn how e-commerce media can drive more profit from their current shopper audience:

Opportunity 1:  Come to our Big !dea Session, “How Profits from E-Commerce Media” on Tuesday at 12:30 in the Expo Hall! Matthew Austin from Shoebuy and HookLogic CEO Jonathan Opdyke will share case studies from Shoebuy’s successful program.

Opportunity 2: Have lunch with us on Wednesday! We’re hosting a roundtable, “Site Monetization Through Media: Best Practices,” at 12:30. Joining us will be John Mulliken of CSN Stores, discussing what’s working in their e-commerce media program. Bring your sandwich and join the conversation!

Opportunity 3: Stop by and see us for a free assessment at booth 414! We’ll provide a complimentary assessment of the media value of your e-commerce site, so you can understand its true profit potential.

While you’re at the booth, be sure to ask for a copy of our special report,Assessing the Media Value of Your Retail Site.” It’s a must-read for retailers who are interested in learning more about non-transactional site monetization! (You can also get a PDF copy here.)

See you at the show!


One response to “How do Shoebuy and CSN benefit from e-commerce media? Find out at!

  1. I am best represented about, what is e-commerce?
    Electronic commerce or e-commerce consists of baying, selling, and marketing of products or services over computer networks.

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