May 18 – Webinar with David Metter!

After our hugely successful March webinar with Jeff Kershner, we were overwhelmed by requests for “more! more!” So we’ve obliged.

Next week, we’re hosting a webinar with automotive internet marketing guru David Metter.

This one’s called How to Beat Your Competition and Drive the HighestQuality Leads to Your Showroom.
Drive the best leads to your showroom floor!It’s free (of course) and David will be covering the critical importance of scoring leads from all sources, and how to drive only the best leads to your floor. He’ll be talking about:

  • Quality over quantity – how to offer incentives to only the leads most likely to buy
  • Adding incentives to direct and email campaigns that will dramatically increase show rates
  • Re-incenting based on lead score: How to get the best leads to come back
  • Great processes for handling those leads once they’re in the door

Don’t miss this one – Wednesday, May 18 at 1:00 ET. It’s free, it’s only 30 minutes, and space is limited!  Register now!


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