Using Targeted Incentives to Drive Test Drives

E-commerce media services and solutions are great for online retailers because they typically have a one-step sales solution. But what about businesses that have a two-step sales process?targeted incentives drive walk-in dealership traffic

Automotive is a great example. Take MileOne, one of the nation’s largest networks of dealerships. MileOne collects many of its leads online. People browsing for cars may look at several dealerships in their area and fill out lead forms for all of them. But then those dealerships are challenged with getting those leads to walk through their doors before their competitors’, speak with a sales associate and maybe even take a test drive. So how does MileOne stand out?

For MileOne, the answer was a managed incentive program from HookLogic combined with lead scoring from Polk. Over a two month trial period, Polk identified the leads more likely to buy and passed those leads to HookLogic’s platform. HookLogic then immediately followed up with an emailed incentive offer that those consumers could print out from their email or send to their mobile phone. The incentive – a $25 gift card – could only be redeemed in person at the dealership.

This strategy gave people a reason to visit MileOne dealerships over other dealerships, and it resulted in not only more qualified foot traffic, but more sales for MileOne dealerships. In fact, MileOne experienced a 20% lift in lead-to-close rate, and the targeted incentive program generated a gross revenue increase of $60,000 in just two months.

Walk-in incentives are clearly effective for the automotive industry, but there are many other types of businesses with similar two-step sales processes. As popular as online shopping has become, there are just some things you need to see and feel in person before putting any money down (e.g. furniture, mattresses, real estate, etc). A targeted incentive program can help move leads through the funnel faster, turning online form completions into real conversations.

More details on the MileOne case study can be found here.

And here’s an article on Auto Remarketing.


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