Partnering with Kiddicare

Those of us outside the UK may not have heard of Kiddicare, but they are the largest privately owned nursery and baby supplier in England. This month, we’re happy to announce our partnership with them – the first retail partnership of its kind in Europe. We’re pretty chuffed about it, as our friends at Kiddicare would say!

HookLogic’s technology platform generates new and innovative merchandising opportunities for Kiddicare suppliers to increase recognition among their targeted shopper segments, all while enhancing the shopper experience on the Kiddicare website.

E-commerce media gives Kiddicare suppliers access to premium brand and product placements to showcase their brands and individual products throughout the website. This mutually beneficial relationship between Kiddicare and its suppliers brings end-cap display and eye-level “shelf space” to the digital age, allowing all the great brands represented on the Kiddicare site, like Phil and Teds, Maclaren and Britax, to reach their target audience at key points along the shopper’s path-to-purchase.

Ben Cooper, our UK-based director of sales and operations, sums up our sentiments quite well:
“It’s a pleasure to work with a retailer as innovative and forward-thinking as Kiddicare and we look forward to working closely together as we continue to grow Kiddicare’s media programme capability.”

Read the official press release.


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