HookLogic Powers E-Commerce Media. ….What’s E-Commerce Media?

At HookLogic, we live and breathe e-commerce media. Since 2004, we’ve been building technology and services that deliver the benefits of e-commerce media to retailers, marketers and shoppers.

But we get that not everyone knows what e-commerce media is.  So here’s a little definition:

E-commerce media is a form of online media that allows marketers to target shoppers within and around the e-commerce environment.

E-commerce media shares many of the same benefits as offline trade promotion and in-store / shopper marketing, while opening a new world of possibilities in the digital medium.

We provide the platform and services to power e-commerce media and maximize success for both retailers and marketers. In fact, we just sent out this fabulous press release announcing our newly expanded suite of e-commerce media services. (Funny, the timing on that, huh?)  In it, our CEO, Jon Opdyke talks a little bit about the benefits:

“E-commerce media is an untapped opportunity to drive high-profit, non-transactional revenue for retailers and provide marketers unprecedented access to shoppers deep in the funnel,” said Jonathan Opdyke, CEO of HookLogic. “By bringing trade promotions and shopper marketing into the digital age, with all the measurability and optimization digital marketing can offer, an e-commerce media program can greatly improve overall profitability for both retailers and brands.”

Pretty cool, huh? Learn more about who we are and what we do.


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